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  • [Dwarf Wrestling]

  • Rockin’ Randy

    Rockin’ Randy

    Short documentary by Brent Sekularac about Randy Ricci, a professional wrestler with a 20+ year career. Coming from an abusive family, Ricci conveys the hope and protection he found in wrestling.

  • Bruiser #1

    Bruiser #1

    00:00 Bars and tone. This video is the first in a series of videos featuring b-roll footage and an interview with former professional wrestler Dick the Bruiser. 02:00 Dick the Bruiser sits in his yard and wraps up a phone conversation. 04:05 The Bruiser talks about his various real estate and business ventures, as well as how he got involved in wrestling promotions. 07:31 He talks about playing professional football for the Green Bay Packers and then transitioning into wrestling. […]

  • Bruiser #2

    Bruiser #2

    00:00 This is the continuation of an interview with former professional wrestler and football player Dick The Bruiser. 02:17 The Bruiser talks about how he rarely goes out. He has a wheat allergy, so he doesn’t drink beer. 03:40 He talks about why professional wrestling is often ignored by the sports writers. “All sports editors are old drunks. They’ve never liked to indulge in wrestling because they’re jealous that the wrestlers make money” without needing the sports writers to mention […]

  • Bruiser #3

    Bruiser #3

    00:00 This is the continuation of an interview with professional wrestler Dick The Bruiser. 00:53 Shots of “Dick the Bruiser” paraphernalia. He has a wall of photos, including of racecar drivers and of the 1954 Green Bay Packers. He  used to own horses and German shepherds. He now owns miniature dachshunds. He also once owned a billy goat. 04:25 He talks about being in the movie “The Wrestler” with Ed Asner. 05:10 He has a bar in his house. He […]

  • Bruiser #4

    Bruiser #4

    00:00 The final video in a series of b-roll and interview footage taken of Dick The Bruiser for “Once A Star.” 01:08 Dick the Bruiser says they called people turkey-necks who had narrow necks. He talks about his special hold. 02:35 He discusses the difference between the Bruiser persona and Dick Afflis. He responds sarcastically to Tom Weinberg’s question about the difference. He says he’s polite to people who don’t irritate him, but if people get on his nerves, “then […]

  • Image Union, episode 0301

    Image Union, episode 0301

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Every Saturday night” by Craig Somers, “Grandmother’s Bedtime Story” by Michael Hitchcock, and “It’s Not Like That No More” by Rudy Horn.

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