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  • Wild Chicago, no. 405

    Wild Chicago, no. 405

    Episode 405 of Wild Chicago. Host Ben Hollis visits the studio session of a young rapper, a free speech society, sunbathers in Lincoln park (including a cameo of Stephen Colbert), a woman who has turned her house into an art museum, and Chicago’s own drag queen wrestling.

  • [And Justice For All – Screen Educators at O’Hare]

    [And Justice For All – Screen Educators at O’Hare]

    This tape features footage from a WTTW Channel 11 program, “And Justice For All,” the third installment in a series about the legal system. The tape also includes footage from in and around O’Hare Airport in Chicago. There are large breaks between the footage on the tape.

  • [TVTV on WTTW Channel 11]

    [TVTV on WTTW Channel 11]

    This video contains an off the air recording of the February 1973 WTTW-Chicago broadcast of the TVTV documentaries “Four More Years” and “World’s Largest TV Studio.” The majority of the TVTV programs are skipped–the focus of this tape is on the way WTTW chose to present the programs rather than the programs themselves. Following the programs, Marty Robinson interviews TVTV representatives Tom Weinberg and Anda Korsts about the production. 

  • [Studs does Bob, also re: radio]

    [Studs does Bob, also re: radio]

    Studs Terkel does a promo for Image Union with its mascot, Bob, for the 10th anniversary show. He then moves in to a discussion of radio in Chicago and how it’s changed since he entered the field. Some of this footage was used in “Studs On A Soapbox.”

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