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The 9 0‘s Collection Guide

The 90’s was an American independent documentary series created by Tom Weinberg and Joel Cohen that ran from 1989-1992 on PBS. The show generated an audience of 25 million and PBS aired it on 160 stations at its national, prime-time peak. The show included politics, talk segments, and interviews. Each hour-long episode featured the work of dozens of different independent video producers who mailed tapes for submission, as well as the work of about a dozen “camcorder correspondents” working under contract for the show.

All of its episodes can be viewed here.
The 90's Title Screen


Season 1

Season 2

The 90’s: PilotEpisode 201: TV Culture And How It Affects World Views
Episode 101Episode 202: How We Get Around (a.k.a. The Taxi Show)
Episode 102Episode 203 (The Weed Episode!)
Episode 103Episode 204: Around The World And On The Edge
Episode 104Episode 205: Architecture and Design
Episode 105Episode 206: The Earth and The Environment
Episode 106: All Sorts of ClownsEpisode 207: Focus on Spirituality
Episode 107: Sex In The 90’sEpisode 208: Relationships, Sexuality, And Some Revolutionary Ideas
Episode 108: The EnvironmentEpisode 209: Kids, Schools, And Learning
Episode 109: Offbeat TVEpisode 210: Love and Caring, Children of War
Episode 110: CompilationEpisode 211: Everyday Addictions: Alcohol and Nicotine
Episode 111: ConspiraciesEpisode 212: An Impressionistic View Of Life In Japan
Episode 112: Drugs And Other WarsEpisode 213: Fun and Games
Episode 113: Global VoicesEpisode 214: The Environment and Our Oceans
Episode 215: The Video Revolution
Episode 216: Invasions and Revolutions
Episode 217: Life in the Grey Areas
Episode 218: Global Warring
Episode 219: Love, Marriage, And What Follows

Season 3

Season 4

Episode 301: Money, Money, MoneyEpisode 401: Taking Chance
Episode 302: It’s Only TVEpisode 402: Getting Older
Episode 303: BartalkEpisode 403: Guns and Violence
Episode 304: You Are What You EatEpisode 404: Country Living
Episode 305: America: Life, Liberty, And…Episode 405: It’s A Mall, Mall World
Episode 306: Race And Racism – Red, White, And BlackEpisode 406: The American Way
Episode 307: Video KidsElection Special: The Primary
Episode 308: The Anti-War TapesElection Special: The Convention
Episode 309: The Streets: Music And PeopleElection Special: It’s Debate-able
Episode 310: Prisoners: Rights and Wrongs

Season 4 Election Specials Raw

These are only some of the many extra clips from The 90’s Election specials. To view them all, search “The 90’s Election Special raw.”

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