Why is my video on your website?

If you’re wondering about this, you must be one of a tiny number of people who we couldn’t find. Before we went online, we made a concerted effort to find all the producers whose work is on the site, but some couldn’t be found…they moved, were unlisted, or one thing or another. Or maybe we just messed up. We aren’t making any money off of your video (see below: “why would you need donations to have a website?”), but if you don’t like it streaming here, please contact us and we’ll take it down. Please understand that FITV is a non-profit and we do not have enough money for what we want/need to do, much less pay big bucks for lawyers. So, accept our apology, let us know, and we’ll remove it. We don’t want to upset anyone, we just want people to get to see good video.



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