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Media Burn is much more than a website. All of the videos on our collection reside on fragile analog formats that are already, or are quickly becoming, obsolete. It is literally a race against time to digitize them before they are lost forever to physical deterioration or lack of equipment to play them. Have you ever noticed that some of your old VHS tapes are very staticky? This process of deterioration happens to videotapes very quickly, and depending on format, they can become unplayable in as little as 10 years. For other formats, the issue is that it is very hard to find equipment to play them back–just like how you might have trouble finding ways to play your 8-tracks or laser discs. Because 90% of the tapes in our collection are the only copy in existence, this means it is crucial that we work fast to transfer them so they will continue to be watched and appreciated by future generations.



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