Ave Rats – Lost Downtown

Written and directed by Christopher Schlumpf, 2012

Every great music phenomenon brings a flood of loyal, music loving kids, who flock to where the next great music revolution is taking place. Woodstock, Haight Ashbury, and the Grunge scene of the early 90’s are examples. Nirvana, Pearl Jam and others brought an exciting new sound to Seattle and the country.  Kids came from all over the country to be a part of it.  Many of these young people found a sense of community and family in Seattle among young like-minded people. Many stayed in communal type living situations with their new-found families.  Eventually, many found themselves homeless.

Today, most of the Ave Rats have grown up, built their own families and lives. Anyone who lives in Seattle knows that there is a new generation of kids growing up under the bridges of downtown, Georgetown, and the U-district. Who are these new Ave Rats and how did they get there?  Do they want help? Can they be helped?



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