Milly’s Orchid Show, July 6, 2002 pt. 1

A live performance of variety show Milly Orchid Show from July 6, 2002. Brigid Murphy hosts the show, which features such acts as Dag Luhlin, Susan Voelz, and Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel.

00:11Copy video clip URL Milly, seated atop a large fiberglass chicken, thanks the River Valley Drum corps and the Vickers Theater. She explains that Jim Lauderdale won’t be present, as he’s scheduled for a TV taping in Nashville concurrent to the show. She runs down the roster of acts for the evening, and points out the merchandise table. She climbs off of the chicken with the aid of the Coal Diggers.

05:45Copy video clip URL Milly moves to the front steps of the gazebo and implores the audience to visit the merchandise table. The chicken is moved to another location within the park. Milly dedicates the show to James Grigsby and the Schubas family.

10:30Copy video clip URL The Sawyer Dance Academy Tappers take the stage and dance.

13:45Copy video clip URL Milly returns to the stage and engages in audience banter. (A loud buzz becomes prominent) She thanks the Vickers Theater for providing her with a trailer, and shows off her outfit.

17:00Copy video clip URL Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel takes the stage and begins to set up. Milly thanks the people who helped set up the show, and the group begins to play. (The loud buzz from 17:45Copy video clip URL on renders most of this inaudible)

36:00Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Dag Juhlin and Susan Voelz. They play several songs. (The loud buzz continues for some of this)

48:25Copy video clip URL After a jump cut, Milly is on stage, introducing The Village Squares. They perform a square dance.

51:45Copy video clip URL Another jump cut; Milly introduces the individual members of The Village Squares and makes various announcements to the audience. (Buzzy audio obscures much of what is said).

58:00Copy video clip URL The Wichita Shut-Ins start to play. (Buzzy audio continues).

1:00:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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