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This is a tape of the 10 o'clock news on June 6, 1978. The tape switches between channels several times at the beginning to show some segments on each of Channels 2, 5, and 7. Many of the news segments cover the first anniversary of the 1977 Humboldt Park Riot, and give a report on the Humboldt Park community one year following the riots. These are followed by part of "Inside Spring Training" with the 1978 White Sox. Following this is part of "Overnight Man," a candid documentary about WBBM radio journalist Joe Cummings. Cummings is interviewed, as well as many of his colleagues, who comment on his work and his personality as a "character."

00:09Copy video clip URL Opens to Channel 5 News report of IVI endorsement of Democratic candidates for Senate and Governor. Governor Jim Thompson also speaks about the election. Cuts back and forth between channels several times.

02:48Copy video clip URL Channel 5 report about arson on the South Side.

03:20Copy video clip URL Report about first anniversary of riots in Humboldt Park, along with interview with Rev. George Morales, who speaks about issues in the community.

04:55Copy video clip URL Switching between channels several times.

06:31Copy video clip URL Channel 5 report on Zaire.

08:07Copy video clip URL News report about the Humboldt Park riot anniversary, showing footage of the peaceful demonstration to highlight the anniversary.

08:44Copy video clip URL Switching between channels.

09:44Copy video clip URL Channel 7 News with Jay Levine opens with report of fire in the Oriental Theater.

10:25Copy video clip URL Channel 7 report on first anniversary observance of Humboldt Park Puerto Rican riots after the Puerto Rican Independence Day Parade, noting that two people were killed by police. The peaceful demonstration focused attention on police brutality. Interview with organizer of the Puerto Rican Independence Day parade.

12:55Copy video clip URL Switching channels.

13:52Copy video clip URL Channel 7 report on price gouging as rent prices go up dramatically.

14:49Copy video clip URL Switching channels.

14:59Copy video clip URL Channel 2 Sports highlights including pro basketball finals between Seattle Supersonics and Washington Bullets.

17:06Copy video clip URL Detailed report of Humboldt Park rioting and investigation on whether the men who were killed in the riots were shot by police. The report includes several interviews with bystanders, reactions from the crowd, and Chicago police.

21:49Copy video clip URL Cut to “Inside Spring Training” segment of a shuffleboard match between Tom Weinberg and White Sox player Minnie Minoso, with discussion following about his days in semi-pro ball and earlier days cutting sugar cane.

24:53Copy video clip URL Cut to black and white footage of Roland Hemond, vice president of the White Sox, answering the phone at work.

26:22Copy video clip URL Cut to White Sox left handed pitcher Rich Hinton warming up, followed by  Tom Weinberg conducting an interview with him.

29:00Copy video clip URL Credits of “Inside Spring Training” roll.

29:53Copy video clip URL Cut to Kermit the Frog as interviewer in PBS announcement, followed by an ad for “World.”

31:10Copy video clip URL “Overnight Man.” Cut to black and white footage of Joe Cummings interviewing a firefighter on the scene. The camera switches to Joe Cummings, who is interviewed while driving away from the scene. He talks about his love for his work in covering the police stories through the night. He talks about fires and the effects and patterns of fires in Chicago. He speaks of his job as a “combat zone.”

40:25Copy video clip URL Cut to scene of prayer meeting around a table, where Cummings prays with a group from the Chicago Police Department.

42:45Copy video clip URL Cut back to Cummings driving in his car and talking about religion, his upbringing, his covering the police beat, and the arising feelings in reporting.  He comments on the fact that when you report, you don’t have time to include these feelings, but must focus on facts.

46:12Copy video clip URL Cut to Cummings making a purchase in the store.

47:00Copy video clip URL Cut to Cummings interviewing a witness and 4th Division Fire Marshal, Gregory Milling, at the scene of a fire.

50:18Copy video clip URL Cut to Cummings in the WBBM radio studio on the air. He comments off the air about how his policy in news is not to take things too seriously. He comments on a series of four church fires in Georgia. He jokes with listeners by making up phone numbers and a score for the Bears game.

55:41Copy video clip URL Interview with Len Walter, colleague of Cummings at WBBM, who speaks jokingly and candidly about Cummings. Walter describes him as a “character” who is a bit more raw than formally-trained journalists. He also describes watching Joe grow from a street journalist to an anchorman at WBBM.

1:02:40Copy video clip URL Tape ends abruptly.


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