[Love Family 13: Ranch]

Footage of the Love Family, including a long story from Understanding Israel (formerly known as Claudette Rockefeller) about her decision to leave a life of wealth and power to join the Love Family.

00:13Copy video clip URL Outdoors at the Love Family ranch, where family members work in the fields, singing. Scenes of a small lake. 

04:57Copy video clip URL Inside, a female family member and children wash clothes. 

06:10Copy video clip URL Outside the cabins and yurts.

06:39Copy video clip URL Family members playing rock music together. 

11:53Copy video clip URL Another instrumental rock song. Children jump up and down as the men play music. 

15:00Copy video clip URL Daytime, constructing a house, erecting the roof’s framing structure. The scene outside the house.

18:19Copy video clip URL More instrumental rock music. 

19:02Copy video clip URL More home construction at night. 

21:23Copy video clip URL The Love Family gathered indoors at night. They chat with each other. They sing. They eat a meal. People swing on a rope in the middle of the room. 

33:13Copy video clip URL The group sings together, everyone seated in a circle around the room. 

36:17Copy video clip URL Another song. “Let the people praise thee oh god!”

39:17Copy video clip URL Dark image, difficult to see. Love Israel speaks to the family, giving a sermon and speaking about work the family will be doing. Not fully audible. The family then speaks among themselves. 

43:33Copy video clip URL Singing and dancing. “Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah!”

46:19Copy video clip URL Understanding Israel (formerly known as Claudette Rockefeller) tells a story about her and her ex-husband working for Richard Nixon and her discovering religion and the Love Family after seeing anti-Rockefeller graffiti. 



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