[You Bet Your Baby]

Mock game show designed to educate women about pre-natal care.

0:15Copy video clip URL Four pregnant African-American women sit in the waiting room of the Southside Infant Health Network. The camera pans across them, pausing over each briefly as their thoughts are heard over the soundtrack; all are uniformly suspicious of the need for prenatal care. One of them, Judy, falls asleep and begins snoring.

2:11Copy video clip URL Fade in to the set of a mock game show, You Bet Your Baby. All four women – “Junkfood Judy,” “Druggie Denise,” “No Care Nora,” and “Teenage Tina” – are now contestants, and introduce themselves to the host, Wendy Wise. A man in a tuxedo named Stan Van Stark shows off the prizes the women will win, with a secret grand prize for the winner.

6:13Copy video clip URL Animated mock ad in which babies dressed as cowboys discuss the importance of mother’s milk at a bar.

7:21Copy video clip URL Return to You Bet Your Baby. The contestants answer a series of questions about pregnancy and pre-natal health, mostly incorrectly. The questions concern nutrition, exercise, doctor visits and drug use during pregnancy; the host explains the facts related to these matters while correcting the contestants’ wrong answers.

23:55Copy video clip URL Animated mock ad in which a pregnant woman is reprimanded by a doctor for smoking, eating junk food, and not taking care of herself.

25:08Copy video clip URL Return to You Bet Your Baby; the host asks more questions about pre-natal care.

32:20Copy video clip URL Judy correctly answers a question about the signs of labor and wins the game. She is presented with “a healthy, happy, bouncing brown baby.”

33:23Copy video clip URL Judy is woken up in the doctor’s office by the receptionist she dumps her bag of chips in the trash and declares herself a changed woman.

34:29Copy video clip URL Program ends; over closing music, logos for Chicago Urban League, Southside Infant Mortality Network, and Families with a Future appear. Music stops, and Paradise Group production company logo appears.

34:58Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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