1962 Veecks

This tape features footage from an interview with the Bill Veeck Family in 1962. Bill Gordon and Dorothy Fuldheim of WEWS-TV Channel 5 in Cleveland travel to the Eastern shore of Maryland to interview the Veeck family. Gordon and Fuldheim were co-hosts of "The One O'Clock Club" at the time.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen.

00:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a car pulling up onto a drive way. Gordon and Fuldheim arrive at the Veeck House. They are immediately greeted by Veeck. This is followed by various shots from around the area, including the Veeck house, front yard, greenhouse, and garden. We watch Veeck in the garden picking quash. We also see footage of Veeck on Peach Blossom Creek in his speedboat. There is no sound during this portion of the tape.

02:54Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Gordon interviewing Veeck in his living room. we then watch as the Veeck family spends time in their backyard area. Gordon is seen jumping on a trampoline. We then see footage of Gordon and Fuldheim spending time with the Veeck children. This lasts for several minutes.

05:58Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Veeck and Fuldheim who asks Veeck how he came to acquire his home. Veeck states that he and his wife Mary Frances wanted to live in an area where the climate changed. Fuldheim conducts the interview in a very conversational style asking Veeck about his health and his involvement in Major League Baseball. He had recently taken a hiatus from baseball due to health concerns.

08:53Copy video clip URL Fuldheim asks Veeck about baseball and its slow pace. Veeck talks about hi own view of baseball as a “slow game” and talks about the many different ways he has tried to make baseball more exciting over the years. Veeck states that nearly every batter has a chance to hit a home run because of the way baseballs are manufactured. He talks about its affect on the game. Fuldheim asks Veeck why the injuries of athletes seem to be more noteworthy than normal people. Veeck talks about society’s view of athletes. “Athletes occupy an unusual part of our life, and they’re looked on as the ones who should be hale and hearty because they are using their physical prowess to make a living to entertain people.” Fuldheim then asks Veeck about his feelings about losing his legs. Veeck explains that he initially felt sorry for himself, but after playing cards with a man in the hospital whose arms had been blown off in the war, Veeck adopted a more positive outlook on his plight.

12:21Copy video clip URL Fuldheim says that the process of losing his leg has seemed to give Veeck a more rugged quality in his life. Veeck responds, “Well I’ve come to the conclusion that one always can do what they must do. In other words, you can’t grow a new leg. So you get along as best you can. And you suddenly find that things have compensations. I kid about the fact that my feet can only get half as cold as anyone else’s, but you see, I really feel that when one is cripple they try and compensate.” Veeck goes on to say that he would have been much less tolerant of other people if he hadn’t have lost his leg. He goes on to say, “Whether one has arms or legs means absolutely nothing because the important part is their head and their heart.”

13:45Copy video clip URL Fuldheim asks Veeck about a story from his book “Veeck As In Wreck.” Veeck delights in the fact that Fuldheim read the book. She then asks him about his reading habits. Veeck talks about his love of reading. Fuldheim then compliments Veeck on his book and the way he has lived his life. Veeck talks about the joys of his life.

16:23Copy video clip URL Gordon interviews Veeck in his living room. Veeck comments on his color TV which was a gift from baseball player Hank Greenberg. Veeck goes on to talk about his Native American made furniture. Gordon asks Veeck about his television watching habits. Veeck then talks about the meaning behind the name Peach Blossom Creek.

19:35Copy video clip URL Gordon asks Veeck about his typical day. Veeck goes into detail about the full days he experiences taking care of his children. “When you have six youngsters, there’s absolutely no lack of things to do. Veeck goes on to talk about his desire to get back into baseball. Veeck goes on to talk about his distaste for neck ties. Gordon then takes off his tie and loosens up. Veeck then talks about some of his friends back in Cleveland. He goes on to say that Cleveland is a tremendous city and that the city is entitled to a good basketball team. Veeck also talks about his hopes to make baseball fun and entertaining.

27:26Copy video clip URL Fuldheim and Gordon continue to speak with Veeck about his book. The three stand in front of his large bookcase. Gordon begins to ask Veeck about the various paintings and antiques that adorn his home. They get footage of a ceramic baseball player who whistles “Takes Me Out to the Ballgame.” Veeck goes on to talk about his desire to be a lawyer. This lasts for several minutes.

30:53Copy video clip URL Gordon asks Veeck who he believes to be remarkable in the sports world. Veeck talks about his liking of Stan Musial and Casey Stengel. They eventually makes their way over to Veeck’s desk area. Fuldheim comments on the clutter on his desk. Fuldheim takes a seat in his chair and comments on Veeck’s spending habits. Veeck talks about his current unemployment status and jokes that when he has money he tends to spend it lavishly. He goes on to talk about his screening movies at his home due to the fact that the movie theaters in the area do not allow African-American patrons.

36:30Copy video clip URL Gordon and Fuldheim speak with Bill and Mary Frances at the dining room table.Mary Frances talks about one of her daughter’s celebrating her fourth birthday. Gordon asks the Veecks about the friends that come to visit. Gordon eventually comments on the furniture in the home. Veeck states that most of the furniture came from junkyards. Mary Frances eventually tells a story about a luncheon invite they received from the Queen of England. Veeck was asked whether he would wear a tie to the event. Veeck gave a rather humorous response. Fuldheim and Gordon continue to ask the Veecks about their family life. This lasts for several minutes.

45:43Copy video clip URL Gordon and Fuldheim make their way over to the Veeck family on the front lawn. Gordon and Fuldheim have each child introduce themselves. Mary Frances holds her six week old son Christopher in her arms and states that it is his television debut. Gordon, Fuldheim, and the Veeck family have a casual conversation in the shade on a summer day. Gordon asks them about their typical Sunday afternoon. This lasts for several minutes.

49:45Copy video clip URL Bill and Mary Frances talk about the Michael’s baseball playing ability. The family begins to name some of their favorite MLB players. The sound becomes fairly difficult to make out during this portion of the tape. Fuldheim and Gordon eventually thank the family for welcoming them into their home. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

53:24Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of Gordon and Fuldheim as they leave the property. Veeck sees the off.

54:04Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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