[1969 Cubs #4, #5, #6, #7]

Historical footage and interview segments for 3 one-hour WGN/TV sports shows.

00:21Copy video clip URL An emcee introduces a fundraising event called the “Dream Game ’86,” a reunion of the ’69 Chicago Cubs versus the ’69 New York Mets.

00:46Copy video clip URL The emcee introduces the next guest speaker, Jack Brickhouse, a revered sportscaster who covered the Chicago Cubs for WGN-TV from 1948 to 1981. Brickhouse takes the podium, referencing the 1986 New York Mets World Series championship team.

02:33Copy video clip URL Brickhouse introduces the other speakers for the evening, including Jack Singer, general manager for the AAA Phoenix Firebirds and National League umpires Tom Gorman and John Bertrand “Jocko” Conlan. Brickhouse roasts Chicago’s losing streak in professional sports and lampoons other personalities and figures present at the banquet.

05:48Copy video clip URL Brickhouse starts player introductions for the ’69 Mets and ’69 Cubs. He digresses with a few more  satirizing remarks, plugs WGN’s coverage of the Dream Game, then begins the introductions. Players mentioned from the ’69 Mets are Tommie Agee, Al Weis, and Gary Gentry. Footage cuts in and out. 

07:37Copy video clip URL Introductions for the ’69 Cubs, including Hank Aguirre, Glenn Beckert, Jim Hickman, Randy Hundley, and Bill Hands.

11:30Copy video clip URL Billy Williams, once introduced, appears on camera, along with Rich Nye. Gene Oliver, Willie Smith, Phil Regan, Ken Rudolph, Paul Popovich, Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins, Dick Selma, and Leo Durocher receive introductions.

16:25Copy video clip URL Tom Gorman takes the podium. He tells of a heated encounter with Leo Durocher on the field, other misadventures with Durocher, shares his philosophy about the game of baseball, working the World Series, the never ending gambit between umpires who call games and the managers and players who dispute those calls, watching the likes of Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Hank Aaron play.

31:47Copy video clip URL Gorman praises Phoenix as having the “greatest baseball fans all over,” makes a veiled xenophobic comment, and exhorts the Phoenix community to lobby for a professional baseball team.

33:58Copy video clip URL Description of baseball cards and other paraphernalia up for auction. Leo Durocher, at his table, comments on Garman’s remarks and tells an amusing incident between Gorman and himself during a baseball game. Durocher autographs bulletins for fans.

37:01Copy video clip URL An announcer lists the organizers of the fundraiser and dinner, as well as the beneficiary of Dream Game ’86, an organization called Young Company, whose honorary chairman is Susan Decancini, wife of former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ).

38:05Copy video clip URL Audience lights are raised as the players gather at the front of the stage for photos. The players mingle with each other, Durocher and the players autographs memorabilia for fans, the fundraiser ends.

40:39Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg interviews Durocher about the Dream Game ’86 and where he is in life. Durocher talks about life in Palm Springs, California. He reflects on the Cub’s loss to the Mets in 1969 and reminisces about the quality and character of the ’69 baseball players.

45:14Copy video clip URL Durocher reflects on his career and baseball experience with the St. Louis Cardinals and the “Gashouse Gang,” lamenting how he is the last surviving member of that team. He denies coining the term “Gashouse Gang” and instead says it was invented by a reporter from the New York World-Telegram. Durocher then talks about how he landed his first job as a baseball manager, winning over 100 games a season with a club, and winning the 1954 World Series championship.

49:15Copy video clip URL Durocher’s influence on other players who later became baseball managers. He claims to have tutored 12 others who either played or coached for him and later became managers, listing a few by name. Durocher recalls the impact of other players and managers who have not necessarily received due recognition in baseball. He further muses on the Hall of Fame process for current baseball players, questioning why players must wait to be inducted. “You know Pete Rose is a mortal lock,” for induction into the Hall of Fame Durocher says. Weinberg concludes the interview.

53:08Copy video clip URL “Fergie” Jenkins signs autographs for fans attending Dream Game ’86. The ’69 Cubs do warm-up exercises on the field. Players banter with each other. The grounds crew rakes the infield.

56:47Copy video clip URL Weinberg interviews Richard “Dick” Dozer, a Chicago Tribune sportswriter from 1953 to 1980, who now writes for the Phoenix Gazette. Dozer reflects on the ’69 Cubs, Dick Selma, the “bleacher bums,” and the mishaps the ’69 Cubs suffered late in the season.



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