[1982-3 Harold Washington news compilation]

A compilation of 1982-3 news stories about Harold Washington and the race for Chicago mayor.

00:00Copy video clip URL Nov 10, 1982 Harold Washington announces his run for Chicago mayor (note: tape damage in part of this section).

2:39Copy video clip URL Dec 27, 1982, Washington awarded #1 spot on Democratic Primary ballot, Jane Byrne campaigns in the Black community.

4:47Copy video clip URL Dec 30, 1982, IVI-IPO endorses Harold Washington for mayor, Mayor Byrne attempts to remove Civil Service protections from city jobs.

7:38Copy video clip URL Jan 5, 1983, Washington campaigns at Disney Magnet School, criticizes school funding.

9:17Copy video clip URL Jan 6, 1983, Washington calls for Richard M. Daley to recuse himself from vote fraud investigation.

10:32Copy video clip URL Jan 7, 1983, Washington campaign gets late start, Al Raby interview, Washington begins to reach out to White voters, Daley responds to calls to recuse himself from vote fraud investigation.

13:03Copy video clip URL Jan 10, 1983, Washington, Daley and Byrne prepare for televised debate.

15:17Copy video clip URL Jan 11, 1983, Story on polling for political campaigns, incl. Al Raby bite.

17:55Copy video clip URL Jan 24, 1983, Recap of second televised debate between Daley, Byrne and Washington, on the topic of police and public safety.

19:51Copy video clip URL Feb 20, 1983, Harold Washington visits Black churches, denounces racism in the campaign, particularly speech by Ed Vrdolyak.

22:40Copy video clip URL March 12, 1983, Harold Washington radio address criticizes President Reagan’s education policy; Chicago Tribune endorses Washington over Republican Bernard Epton. IVI-IPO also endorses Washington in the general election.  Bernard Epton spars with the press.

25:04Copy video clip URL March 18, 1983, Latino community leaders rally for Harold Washington at a fundraiser.  Harold Washington addresses “skeletons in my closet,” including failure to file income tax returns.

26:49Copy video clip URL April 5, 1983, Harold Washington addresses supporters in Puerto Rican community.  Washington visits the lakefront to meet with White voters and promising support for the police department.  Police Superintendent Richard Brzezak announces his resignation.

28:38Copy video clip URL April 9, 1983, Harold Washington addresses 1000 people at fundraiser in Black community. Washington says greed is the motive of his political opponents. Washington addresses a labor group and says Epton would be a puppet if elected.  Washington then visits the north side lake front.

31:41Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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