[1987 Chicago Parking Ticket Amnesty]

Patrick Quinn offers a deal to residents of Chicago to pay their parking violations for half price or face the threat of severe crackdowns at the start of 1987.

0:00Copy video clip URL John Drury reports on a parking ticket crackdown by the city and how they are offering an out to people around the city.

0:15Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of Patrick Quinn, Revenue Director of Chicago, “making a deal” with the residents of Chicago who have overdue parking tickets such that if they have any overdue parking tickets from between 1980 and September of 1986 they can pay them now for half price. There is some b-roll of tickets being put on cars, and the threatened boot.

0:55Copy video clip URL Switch to an interview with Joyce Stuckly of Oakland Park who says that she won’t pay the tickets because “they won’t cut you anyway.” There are reports on large corporations paying their parking tickets for fear of a crackdown. Chuck Goudy wraps up the segment.

1:50Copy video clip URL Drury returns to the screen and talks about the 7 million parking tickets which are still unpaid since 1980.

1:59Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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