[1995 Chicago Mayoral Election, tape 2]

Assorted footage of the 1995 Chicago mayoral campaign, including a candidate's panel at the Chicago Urban League, a Marge Laurino campaign event, a press conference in Pilsen, and Mayor Richard M. Daley's eulogy at Bishop Ford's funeral.

00:00Copy video clip URL Roland Burris tells the crowd about how he plans to inspire Chicago’s young men by talking about their future prospects “man to man.”

04:45Copy video clip URL Burris gets laughs from the crowd with a quick jab at the current Mayor Richard M. Daley: “Government is about how we spend your money, and you need someone who can at least count.”

10:42Copy video clip URL Videomaker Bill Stamets interviews a television reporter from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), who had asked Burris to explain his non-partisan slot on the ballot. “Do you think there’s any significance to the fact that you’re the only television reporter at this point asking questions?”

12:23Copy video clip URL Supporters dance in Daley Plaza for “Rollin’ with Roland.” Roland reminds voters that they need to turn the ballot over and “Punch 31” in order to cast their vote.

28:05Copy video clip URL Richard M. Daley goes to a senior center in the 39th ward to support Marge Laurino, the local alderman, and to campaign for reelection. He points to Chicago’s bond rating–increased from an A- to an A during his time in office–as a sign of effective leadership, especially while regional cities and the state of Illinois were losing their bond ratings. “It’s very significant because we can borrow money at a cheaper rate.”

37:15Copy video clip URL Daley talks to a reporter about Roland Burris’ allegations about dirty campaign practices, including rumors of Daley-allied city workers intimidating others into supporting the incumbent. “If you force somebody to go out and distribute campaign literature,” he explains, “the first thing they do is go to the first garbage can they see and throw it away.”

41:10Copy video clip URL Cut to shots of construction in Pilsen, where crews are repairing damaged vaulted sidewalks. Mayor Daley addresses a crowd of reporters alongside Alderman Medrano. Reporters, including John Kass, ask a series of questions about Teamster issues in Chicago, as well as corruption charges brought against the Laurino family for “ghost payrolling.”

51:00Copy video clip URL Shots of Roland Burris entering Bishop Ford’s funeral.

53:38Copy video clip URL Richard M. Daley delivers a eulogy for Bishop Ford.

1:01:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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