[1995 Mayoral Election: Tape 3]

Third and final tape of Stamets' footage from the 1995 mayoral election. Includes press conference at challenger Roland Burris's campaign headquarters, Mayor Richard M. Daley casting his vote, and Daley's victory speech and inauguration.

00:50Copy video clip URL Footage of Roland Burris leaving Bishop Ford’s funeral. He directs reporters to a press conference later in the afternoon at his campaign office downtown.

02:05Copy video clip URL Mayor Richard M. Daley exits the funeral. Reporters crowd around him to ask questions about the impending election.

03:42Copy video clip URL Cut to Burris’s press conference. He begins by imploring the mayor to address corruption and misconduct by aviation employees, particularly Dominic Longo, the manager of vehicle operations at O’Hare. The runway had been riddled with a series of accidents caused by inexperienced lead men, and Burris had accused Longo of forcing airport employees to make Daley campaign contributions in order to keep their jobs.

09:35Copy video clip URL “It sounds like there’s more here than is typically involved in a last-minute news conference,” a reporter points out to Burris. “It’s on the eve of the election, naturally a time when voters and journalists are suspicious of any allegations in the final hours.” Burris blames “insidious corruption,” and says that he’s doing his duty to reporters by providing more details.

16:45Copy video clip URL Mayor Daley arrives at a polling station to cast his vote.

21:20Copy video clip URL The Daley family poses in a Hilton Suite for a press photo op.

24:25Copy video clip URL Daley delivers his victory speech to a cheering crowd. “I accept your vote as a challenge to continue to work hard each day.”

28:50Copy video clip URL Daley holds a post-victory press conference, and reiterates his commitment to economic development, education, and community safety. Reporters press him on low voter turnout and his father’s legacy.

35:20Copy video clip URL “I don’t believe government should be run by referendums. You give everything up then. Why would you elect someone as governor, someone as mayor, someone as president? …I think it’s a silly process. It never happens in the private sector.”

44:23Copy video clip URL Cut to Daley’s swearing-in ceremony, which closes out the tape.



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