[1996 Bill Stamets]

0:06Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a planning committee for the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Mayor Richard M. Daley introduces people that have been working on the committee. He speaks about concerns surrounding the convention and the events going on in the city.

7:40Copy video clip URL Daley introduces the Executive Director of the convention, Leslie Fox. She speaks about preparations for the convention that are ongoing. Daley introduces the Chief of Patrol, who speaks about the preparations of the Chicago Police Department and other agencies.

11:07Copy video clip URL A man from the transportation committee talks about their transportation plan. 

19:08Copy video clip URL Daley talks about prospective public demonstrations. A couple people ask questions about possible confrontation with demonstrators and with the media.

32:36Copy video clip URL Cut to a hearing about an ordinance that provides a buffer zone between women at abortion clinics and protestors, especially during the 1996 Democratic National Convention. Fuzzy audio.

40:10Copy video clip URL Testimony from different people supporting and against the ordinance. Short testimony from a woman in favor of the ordinance. Testimony from a woman who does not support abortion followed by questioning by one of the hearing members. They read the ordinance.

1:01:20Copy video clip URL Part of a testimony from a clinic escort pro-choice program.

1:02:47Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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