[1996 Bill Stamets]

0:06Copy video clip URL Footage from a Bob Dole and Jack Kemp election rally. Shaky camera that does not focus on the speaker. Audio cuts in and out.

6:45Copy video clip URL Camera focuses on the speaker and audio returns. Dole speaks about his political history and why he should be elected. 

12:00Copy video clip URL Speech ends and music plays. Footage of Dole walking in the crowd and talking to people. 

14:50Copy video clip URL A woman takes photos of them on stage. Footage of the street and city from inside a car.

18:30Copy video clip URL Footage of cameras interviewing people on the street about the riots of 1968. An independent filmmaker in a movie theater who was present during the Chicago riots talks about his experience. 

22:00Copy video clip URL A man introduces the filmmaker, Haskell Wexler. He comes onstage and introduces his latest film. He takes questions from the audience about his process, people he worked with, his interest in other genres, and the ideology of his films.

32:57Copy video clip URL Sound cuts out. 

35:42Copy video clip URL Sound returns. Hexler continues answering questions about journalism, the national guard, and political representation on screen. 

40:57Copy video clip URL In the lobby of the theater, other men speak about their experiences in Chicago concerning various social issues, including an HIV/AIDS funding protest and poor communities in the city. A woman asks a question about the current generation’s involvement in social activism. Another man asks about the changed political schemes and activist programs.

48:00Copy video clip URL Dave Dellinger speaks about a political and law enforcement conspiracy, election, and corrupt government. Footage in the lobby of press and various people speaking.

55:00Copy video clip URL A man speaks onstage about his participation in the convention. Other people who are a part of the convention introduce themselves and talk about their participation in activist movements.

1:00:20Copy video clip URL Musical performance. 

1:02:48Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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