[Bob Dole rally – Medium Cool screening at Music Box – Return to Chicago 68 / 96]

Footage shot by Bill Stamets in 1996 beginning with footage of a Bob Dole for President rally, followed by a screening of Medium Cool with director Haskell Wexler at Chicago's Music Box Theatre, ending with a pre-event press conference and official program of the Return to Chicago 68 / 96 event at the Arie Crown Theater.

0:06Copy video clip URL Footage from a Bob Dole and Jack Kemp election rally. Shaky camera that does not focus on the speaker. Audio cuts in and out.

6:45Copy video clip URL Camera focuses on the speaker and audio returns. Dole speaks about his political history and why he should be elected. 

12:00Copy video clip URL Speech ends and music plays. Footage of Dole walking in the crowd and talking to people. 

14:50Copy video clip URL A woman takes photos of them on stage. Footage of the street and city from inside a car.

18:15Copy video clip URL Outside the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, filmmaker Haskell Wexler is talking to the press and interviewing people with a camcorder at a screening of a new 35mm print of his 1969 film, Medium Cool. Wexler’s son, Mark, is briefly interviewed.

20:45Copy video clip URL Inside the lobby, filmmaker Jim Sikora is interviewed about his experience of 1968 Chicago. Music Box’s Brian Andreotti talks with Wexler about what will happen during the screening.

21:53Copy video clip URL Onstage, Andreotti introduces Wexler.

22:45Copy video clip URL Wexler comes onstage and explains that he brought along a crew from Nightline, with whom he is covering the 1996 Democratic National Convention. Camera turns off for the screening, and then comes back for the Q&A, where Wexler answers questions from the audience about his process, people he worked with, his interest in other genres, and the ideology of his films.

32:57Copy video clip URL Sound cuts out. 

35:42Copy video clip URL Sound returns. Wexler continues answering questions about journalism, the national guard, and political representation on screen. 

40:57Copy video clip URL Cut to the lobby of the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place, where figures from the 1968 Democratic National Convention are doing a press conference. Paul Krassner is speaking to a large group of press.

41:12Copy video clip URL Tom Hayden speaks about the legacy of the 1968 DNC. 

41:40Copy video clip URL Michael Weinstein, who was a volunteer for Eugene McCarthy in 1968, speaks, and says he is in Chicago in 1996 on behalf of the war against AIDS.

42:39Copy video clip URL Another man discusses his work in disenfranchised communities in Los Angeles.

44:00Copy video clip URL Hayden fields questions from the press about current political issues.

45:00Copy video clip URL Black Panther Bobby Seale fields questions from the press about 1968.

48:00Copy video clip URL Dave Dellinger speaks about a political and law enforcement conspiracy, election, and corrupt government.

50:32Copy video clip URL Press conference ends. Footage of press and various people speaking. A Yippee member with the last name of Albert is interviewed by a reporter while Hayden is swarmed by a huge press scrum.

52:50Copy video clip URL Shot of a t-shirt reading “Good music and good politics. Return to Chicago 68 / 96. Arie Crown Theater. August 25, 1996,” which retails for $20. The back of the shirt lists the complete lineup of the event, including many prominent politicians and musicians.

53:53Copy video clip URL Paul Krassner is interviewed about whether or not he thinks the country has made progress since 1968.

54:58Copy video clip URL Cut to a stage where an audience is cheering wildly for Mayor Richard M. Daley. “I wanted you to know that however unwelcome you felt in 1968 amid very troubled times, you are welcome today.” More cheering and applause.

57:23Copy video clip URL Bobby Seale speaks briefly.

57:38Copy video clip URL “Un-indicted co-conspirator” Marilyn Katz speaks.

58:23Copy video clip URL Meegan Ochs, daughter of Phil Ochs, speaks.

59:07Copy video clip URL Michael Weinstein speaks briefly.

59:30Copy video clip URL Akiva Lerner, son of Rabbi Michael Lerner, speaks on behalf of his father, who was knocked out by police at the protests in 1968.

1:00:10Copy video clip URL Musical performance of “Chicago” by Graham Nash and Stephen Stills.

1:02:48Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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