[1996 Democratic National Convention]

00:00Copy video clip URL Vietnam veterans speak at a ceremony held at Veterans Memorial Park along the Chicago Riverwalk, commemorating combat deaths and POWs from August 26-28, 1968. Their speeches center around the idea that these deaths have been overshadowed by the protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and draw attention to the persistent problems of PTSD and homelessness among Vietnam veterans.

11:25Copy video clip URL Girls in traditional Vietnamese dresses place white flowers in the Vietnam Veterans Reflection Pool while the names of fallen soldiers are read aloud.

16:50Copy video clip URL Cut to a parade protest along Milwaukee Avenue for Leonard Peltier, an American Indian Movement activist who was controversially jailed for the killing of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The protesters gather near Washington & Damen and demand that the US free its political prisoners.

38:38Copy video clip URL Protesters carrying signs like “Stop Police Brutality” and “Corporate Bullies” run full-sprint down the street of the United Center’s protest zone. People dance and chant in a circle while picket signs and an American flag are burned.

40:22Copy video clip URL Cuts between several shots of Convention attendees doing the Macarena. The song had become popular in the United States earlier that week.

42:20Copy video clip URL Mayor Daley thanks Chicagoans for hosting the Convention.

01:01:50Copy video clip URL Convention-goers gather on a ballfield and wait for the Clinton helicopter to land.

01:06:13Copy video clip URL Mayor Daley introduces Bill Clinton. In his opening remarks, Clinton talks about his recent campaign trips with his daughter.

01:41:55Copy video clip URL Opening remarks at a gathering of Republicans during the Convention, including a short speech by John McCain. Afterwards, the panel of speakers takes questions from the press, and criticizes the Clinton administration for its spending and its drug enforcement strategies.

01:54:19Copy video clip URL Young protesters in costume parade down Milwaukee Avenue in protest of taxes.

02:00:45Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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