[1996 DNC volunteers rally]

0:03Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a woman introducing the 1996 Democratic National Convention. Unsteady camera. She introduces the Co-Chairman of the convention who speaks about why he is happy to be in this position. 

9:05Copy video clip URL A group of protestors stand up and begin speaking. Audio difficult to understand. They talk about desire for housing and jobs in the South Loop. They chant. Some of the audience applauds them. 

11:18Copy video clip URL The CEO of the convention speaks. She talks about the schedule of the convention and Chicago. Camera is focused on people listening to her. 

15:00Copy video clip URL A video about the city of Chicago is shown. Camera focuses on a man sitting and looking through papers. 

17:52Copy video clip URL The man who trained the volunteers for the convention speaks. 

19:06Copy video clip URL Another woman on the planning committee speaks about why she decided to work on the convention.

21:55Copy video clip URL One more volunteer talks about his involvement and desire to work on the convention. 

26:25Copy video clip URL The mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, speaks about Chicago as the location of the convention, the work that has been put in, and the democratic candidate. 

34:00Copy video clip URL Musical performance about Chicago. A man talks about training programs. The choir performs again. 

39:45Copy video clip URL Footage of people walking around the convention center and talking. The communication director talks about the history of conventions in Chicago and connections that the convention has throughout the city. She takes a few questions from the group about helping the convention as volunteers and logistical items. She talks about PSA’s that the convention has been broadcasting. 

1:00:56Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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