Milly’s Orchid Show, July 6, 2002 pt. 2

A live performance of the variety show Milly's Orchid Show in Three Oaks, Michigan. Hosted by Brigid Murphy on July 6, 2002, this program includes The Wichita Shut-Ins, Jane Baxter Miller, and Robbie Fulks.

00:00Copy video clip URL The Wichita Shut-Ins play several songs from the gazebo.

03:15Copy video clip URL After a jump cut, Milly addresses the audience from the stage. As the Wichita Shut-Ins move their equipment, Milly discusses her overalls. She sings a duet with the Shut-Ins. Afterwards Milly plugs Billy Ben Bob’s Sausage.

09:45Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Ruckus as they set up on the front of the stage. Ruckus performs as children in the audience dance. Milly introduces the members afterwards.

16:30Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Jane Baxter Miller. Miller sings several songs.

25:00Copy video clip URL Miller joined on stage by Kelly Kessler; they sing some songs together. Milly takes the stage and tells Jane Baxter Miller to announce her upcoming shows.

30:35Copy video clip URL After a jump cut, Milly is on stage speaking with a child from the audience. She invites another child up for an introduction and a twirl, and several others take the stage as well. Milly and the children do a group twirl. She announces some upcoming screenings from the Vickers Theater.

38:20Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Robbie Fulks, who then plays several songs. Children dance along in the foreground.

54:20Copy video clip URL Milly makes final announcements. Several children interrupt her. She lights up her overalls and introduces her band. After a jump cut, she sings her closing song.

1:00:01Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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