[Michael Zinzun Interview #2]

A short interview of Michael Zinzun conducted by Nancy Buchanan in his office at the Coalition Against Police Abuse.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars. Camera opens on Michael Zinzun. He begins to speak about the issue of black people not being able to find a present and active role in society. He describes a society in which they are able to stand up for themselves in an effective and constant way. Interviewer asks an inaudible question. Zinzun talks about the influence being in the political sphere can have on making change. He talks about his own personal involvement. He talks about the importance of leadership. Inaudible question. He speaks about economic transitions and the tension between capitalism and socialism. He describes the ways in which people can challenge the system they work under. 

11:55Copy video clip URL Cut to Zinzun standing in front of photos labeled “Victims of Police Abuse.” He describes their dedication to justice from police violence. They speak about the communities that they want to advance. Interviewer directs the camera to shoot parts of the room. Zinzun repeats something he said earlier. He continues to speak about police abuse. They film articles, posters, and photos in the room. 

22:24Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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