[3 segments from The Bill Veeck Show]

This tape features three segments from "The Bill Veeck Show." The first is with Johnny Unitas and Sid Luckman, the second is discussing dance music, and the third features a heart and lung machine.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening to “Meet Bill Veeck.”

01:25Copy video clip URL “The Bill Veeck Show.” Voiceover announces that clips of various Bill Veeck shows will follow.

01:54Copy video clip URL “I guess we should title this show ‘Assault on a Sunday afternoon,'” Veeck says. He’s talking with quarterbacks Sid Luckman and Johnny Unitas about how the defense targets the quarterback. Luckman says it’s tougher now for quarterbacks than it was in his day because there are specialized defensive players.

03:12Copy video clip URL Unitas talks about how hard it is, especially when someone comes from the blind side. He says peripheral vision and blocking schemes are important.

04:04Copy video clip URL Unitas talks about blitzing and non-blitzing teams. He says they like to have 2.5 seconds to get the ball off on offense.

04:40Copy video clip URL Luckman talks about the “T” formation.

5:45Copy video clip URL Luckman says, “I think if you have a great quarterback like Unitas, you have 90% of the game won before you start.”

6:29Copy video clip URL Unitas talks about how the game has changed, especially coverage schemes in the secondary. He talks about how the defense makes adjustments on the fly. This makes it almost impossible to call plays from the bench.

7:40Copy video clip URL They discuss increased quarterback injuries. Veeck thinks there was only one quarterback in the previous season who played all of every game. Luckman says “It only takes one person to miss their assignment” for a quarterback to get injured.

08:50Copy video clip URL Unitas feels that it would damage the game to have more rules and regulations protecting the quarterback.

09:45Copy video clip URL Veeck asks if the risk to the quarterback leads to more bootleg calls, where the quarterback rolls out of the pocket, as well as more scrambling quarterbacks. They discuss Fran Tarkenton. They believe he runs by necessity, not by design.

11:01Copy video clip URL They talk about throwing on the run. Unitas thinks Tarkenton is more effective running around than throwing from the pocket, but he thinks that has to do with size. He’s under six-foot, so throwing from the pocket “is like throwing from the bottom of a barrel.”

12:02Copy video clip URL Luckman says that certain quarterbacks are so accurate when they have time that the defense’s best chance is to rush them and force them to throw quickly.

12:52Copy video clip URL Luckman talks about changes in athletes. Linemen are bigger, and everyone is faster.

13:31Copy video clip URL Cut to Bill Veeck in his saloon. “We really don’t have enough culture in our saloon.” Cuts to jitterbug footage.

14:52Copy video clip URL Veeck is with his wife Mary Frances Veeck, a representative of Tower Records, and another woman to discuss the latest dance craze. They discuss how the dancing is frenetic and frantic and a sign of the times.

16:06Copy video clip URL A distinction is made between competition dance and “together dance.”

17:15Copy video clip URL They talk about lyrics. They talk about “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles. Veeck remarks, “I always wanted to be a hardcover writer myself.”

18:08Copy video clip URL There are 200-300 records released in a week.

18:41Copy video clip URL Are the lyrics questionable or suggestive? The Tower records representative says that whether the lyrics are questionable depends on interpretation, and the older standards also have questionable things in them, if you look hard enough.

20:04Copy video clip URL Mary Frances Veeck posits that the dances of today are no more scandalous to the kids dancing them than the dances of earlier times, which the older generations found objectionable then as well.

21:49Copy video clip URL There’s no such thing as dancing poorly. If you’re doing it wrong, you’re just “expressing yourself.”

22:50Copy video clip URL The “so-called mod fashion” is designed to be comfortable for dancing in.

25:40Copy video clip URL Cut to Bill Veeck with a heart-lung machine.

26:35Copy video clip URL Veeck sits with Dr. William Neville and Clarence Colby talking about the heart-lung machine. They need to keep several bottles of blood on hand during operations. The heart-lung machine is used to keep patients’ circulation going during heart and lung operations.

29:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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