3rd Street Promenade Music

This video shows four outdoors musical performances on the 3rd street promenade in Los Angeles. The first plays a kazoo and banjo, the second a hammered dulcimer, the third a violin, and the final a guitar.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on footage of a street performer who is playing both a banjo and a kazoo. He plays for Judith Binder, the filmmaker. He sings about his dog and then a Christian song. He continues through several more songs. He speaks with Binder for a bit between songs.

16:07Copy video clip URL Binder switches to filming another street performer who plays a hammered dulcimer. He speaks with a woman who stays for a bit to watch him play.

21:03Copy video clip URL Binder films a violinist.

24:32Copy video clip URL Binder transitions to a man playing the guitar.

32:46Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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