48 Hours: Courage / Joel Sonnenberg

A Compilation of Inspiring Reports about Disabilities


3:05Copy video clip URL The 48 hour report begins at the retired air craft carrier museum in Trepid. 

3:53Copy video clip URL Joel Sonnenberg interviewed. He was severely burned in a fire caused by a truck crash.

7:00Copy video clip URL Carol Marin has been following Joel since grade school, all the way through high school. She shares a history of his life.

9:53Copy video clip URL Joel Sonnenberg interviewed. He talks about his experience with dating.

17:02Copy video clip URL To testify against Reginald Dort, Joel and the family drive down the same route of the crash.

18:47Copy video clip URL Carol Marin asks Joel if he hates Reginald Dort. He responds. 

20:17Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews and investigator assigned to the case to determine the reason behind the crash. He claimed that his brake failed to work. However it is thought that Reginald attempted to stop a woman he had a relationship with.

21:23Copy video clip URL Janet Sonnenberg, mother, testifies. 

22:27Copy video clip URL Mike Sonnenberg, father, testifies. 

24:15Copy video clip URL Joel Sonnenberg, testifies. 

Run For Your Life

38:21Copy video clip URL A story about Tony, a 23 year old student, with a passion for running. However, he has no feet or arms.

Roar Of The Crowd

49:45Copy video clip URL Curtis Pride was born deaf. He can hear about 5% with the hearing aid and nothing without it. He is 27 years old and plays outfield. His dream is to be a MLB player.

50:37Copy video clip URL Buddy Bell, Tigers Manager, interviewed.

51:03Copy video clip URL Curtis Pride’s parents interviewed.

1:01:18Copy video clip URL End of Tape.








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