5117 N Kenmore

The tenants at 5117 N. Kenmore describe the appalling living conditions of their apartments. A new edit of footage shot in Chicago in 1979.

00:03Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “The tenants at 5117 N. Kenmore describe the appalling living conditions of their apartments. Chicago, 1979.” 

00:08Copy video clip URL Apartment 2-A: A young woman shares that heating is the biggest problem in her apartment, as her landlord has refused to addressed the holes and uninsulated areas where cold air comes in or to replace the door. She points out that rats and roaches enter through the holes in the wall and that the landlord has also refused to deal with infestations. She points out dangerously faulty electrical wiring and leaks in the ceiling and around the radiator. The landlord is increasing her rent. 

04:30Copy video clip URL Apartment 3-B: A young woman shows her bathroom, which is in a state of extreme disrepair and has been since before they moved in: broken medicine cabinet, leaks, an overflowing toilet the super refuses to fix. Leaks have been causing plaster and lead paint to fall off the wall all over the apartment and the landlord has not repaired them or provided her with new paint. She shows the landlord’s few half-hearted attempts at repairs: partial patchwork that doesn’t address the underlying problem. Dangerous fire hazards. Holes in the door. She’s worried about the health and safety of her son, a toddler. There are no doors on her cabinets, which is hazardous because the rats can get into the food. The landlord is increasing her rent. 

09:43Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “The day after this tape was recorded, the tenants, along with na organizer, screener the video for the owner of 5117 N. Kenmore and his lawyer. The tenants’ testimonials convinced the lawyer that his client had no options but to comply with the law and address each of the 55 violations against his building.”

10:07Copy video clip URL End credits.



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