Lanesville TV documentary directed by Nancy Cain. "With very little directed dialogue, we gain intimate entry into a day in the life of Harriet—a long-time resident of Lanesville and mother of five—over the course of one day." Harriet grows increasingly frustrated over the course of the day then - in a staged sequence - drives off by herself, cheerfully yelling goodbye to Lanesville, laughing and singing as she drives down the open road.

00:10Copy video clip URL The school bus arrives. Harriet Benjamin’s kids get on it and Harriet and her younger child go back into their house. Harriet starts cleaning and cooking.

03:20Copy video clip URL The video starts alternating with brief glimpses of Harriet slamming her car door and driving off on her own. 

04:15Copy video clip URL The kids arrive home from school.

08:49Copy video clip URL Harriet begins fantasizing in earnest about leaving, yelling “I’m sick of it! I want to do something different!” She gets in her car and drives off. “Goodbye Lanesville! I had 17 years of it and that’s enough!” She starts singing cheerfully and cackling wildly as she drives down the road. The video alternates with brief images of her washing dishes and doing laundry. Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton’s song “The Last Thing on My Mind” plays. 

12:52Copy video clip URL End credits. 

13:38Copy video clip URL Harriet and Nancy Cain discuss the video on the set of Lanesville TV with co-host Russell Connor. “Harriet was my first friend in Lanesville,” Nancy says. They discuss the origins of the video, “I was hanging around Harriet’s house and I noticed what she did all day.”

14:06Copy video clip URL Nancy takes a phone call from Willie Benjamin, Harriet’s father-in-law. Willie jokes about Harriet flirting with Connor and then talks about the video. 



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