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Documentation of a negligent and malicious landlord's tactics in a Chicago apartment building.

00:16Copy video clip URL The exterior of a Chicago apartment building. 

00:44Copy video clip URL A woman resident describes the problems that she’s been having with her landlords as the camera shows the inside of the building and her apartment, including her young children. The camera details the rubble and disrepair of the building. “They’ve refused to do any repairs. We’ve been asking them since April of last year to repair the leaky toilet, to get rid of the mice, to get rid of the bugs. They won’t do it. All of a sudden they close the building up. They starting to board it up. They’re threatening us. They come up to us and say we’re going to shut the gas off or shut the electric off. We’re boarding up your windows.”

01:57Copy video clip URL The woman describes how she and her family attempt to cope with the lack of heat. She turns on her oven  and uses space heaters. She says that multiple fires have started in the building because all the residents have had to rely on unsafe methods to stay warm. 

02:51Copy video clip URL The camera shows the results of a raid in which four men claiming to be from the Chicago Police Department broke in to an apartment and took sledgehammers to the furniture. They produced no identification and asserted that no one was supposed to be in the building. The resident relating this story believes the only purpose of the raid was to scare away the current residents of the building.

03:30Copy video clip URL An elderly woman talks about the raid. She says that she knows some of the police officers personally but refuses to give their names. 

04:14Copy video clip URL Another elderly woman reads the eviction notice delivered to the entire building, which threatens the residents with attack dogs if they do not vacate by a certain date. 



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