[Pursuit of Happiness: Molly Rush and John Schuchardt 6]

An interview with activists Molly Rush and John Schuchardt about their civil disobedience for the documentary The Pursuit of Happiness, directed by Julie Gustafson and John Reilly.

00:00Copy video clip URL Camera setup. 

00:42Copy video clip URL The discussion of societal rules as they relate to civil disobedience. America’s over-incarceration of its population, and mass incarceration’s complicity in violence. The unequal application of legal punishments. Appealing to a different law than the “system of injustice” of the American courts. 

05:30Copy video clip URL The sense of community among the activists, the importance of faith and of “deeper values.” 

07:57Copy video clip URL A break in the interview. Shooting cutaways and reaction shots while they wait for warden George Petsock to arrive. 

10:11Copy video clip URL “Institutionalized indifference” in prison. Dire conditions, including a man in a neighboring cell from Schuchardt who died without any jailers noticing for several days. 

13:06Copy video clip URL Shooting reaction shots of Rush while Shuchardt talks about the police officers who work at the jail.

15:20Copy video clip URL Conversation while they wait for Petsock. 

17:48Copy video clip URL Shuchardt discusses a reading of the Beatitudes written by a chaplain from the unit that bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 



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