60 Minutes: EPA/The Wrong Man

60 minutes episode on Alex Rodriguez, EPA, and Racial Profiling

0:22Copy video clip URL 60 Minute episode introduction to the upcoming stories.

4:30Copy video clip URL Segment on Alex Rodriguez. He received the biggest contract in the history of sports. 252 million dollars with the Texas Rangers. Agent Scott Boras is responsible for helping A-Rod get the deal. 

5:35Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Sports Agent Scott Boras. His 5% share is about 12million dollars. She claims that most of the hate has fallen on Rodriguez and his agent is known as the most hated man in baseball.

6:45Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Alex Rodriguez on how he feels about the situation.

7:12Copy video clip URL Carol Marin lists other deals Boras obtained for MLB players. He set a new standard for salary. 

8:00Copy video clip URL Man says that only a handful of teams can enter the season with a legitimate chance of winning. Not all teams can afford superstar players. 

8:30Copy video clip URL Carol Marin then asks Boras, “so when people say you’re ruining baseball..” Boras says, “show me the facts.”

20:15Copy video clip URL The next story by Carol Marin on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA has its own armed police force. 

21:24Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Mr. Steve McCnab owner of a plant who got EPA called on him by a former employee.

27:10Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews man responsible for arming EPA officials. Then he claims it is necessary as agents have resulted in situations where they have been shot at while they conduct their duties. 

32:55Copy video clip URL EPA segment ends.

36:16Copy video clip URL 60 Minutes returns. A segment on racial profiling in Dillard’s. Officers interviewed. Claim pushed to be aggressive towards African Americans and Latinos.

38:48Copy video clip URL First lawsuit against Dillard’s.

44:16Copy video clip URL Mayor is interviewed. 

59:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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