60 Minutes II: Boy Wonder / Sho Yano

A compilation of reports on, Bush vs Al Gore, Bill and Melinda Gates giving, and prodigy Sho Yano.

0:32Copy video clip URL Video begins on a 60 minutes episode II introduction of reports.

2:59Copy video clip URL Commercial Advertisement

5:05Copy video clip URL 6o minutes episode returns. Interview with George W Bush. They discuss the George W Bush vs Al Gore campaign. Appeal of the votes in Florida by Vice President Al Gore. President Bush says to call him Governor until there is finality in the race. 

11:32Copy video clip URL Vice President Dick  Cheney asked to lead the transition. 

13:05Copy video clip URL Discussion of Secretary of State and Attorney General.

17:57Copy video clip URL Principal threat facing security of America. Isolationism. 

18:55Copy video clip URL Discussion of running the campaign differently.

Giving Away Billions

23:15Copy video clip URL Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Discussion of giving through grants.

25:47Copy video clip URL 1 in 100 programs get selected for funding. Concentration on global health.

27:07Copy video clip URL $200 million worth of investing in computers nationwide. 

33:15Copy video clip URL Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives about $1 billion in grants a year.

Boy Wonder

38:08Copy video clip URL At age eight, Sho Yano, scored 1500 out of 1800 on the SAT. The boy is interviewed.

40:00Copy video clip URL He studies pre-med at Loyola University accompanied by his mother and sister. 

41:00Copy video clip URL By age two Sho was writing, by three he was reading. At age 4 he was playing classical music and by five he was composing. 

59:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.









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