60 Minutes II: Evil She Wrote

A compilation of reports Evil She Wrote, Soldier of Misfortune, Dance Theatre of Harlem and Understanding Suicide

Evil She Wrote

0:00Copy video clip URL Video begins on an introduction to the upcoming 60 minutes II episode. Commercial advertisements follow.

2:04Copy video clip URL 60 minutes II episode begins. Mary Bell killed two boys at the age of 10.

3:36Copy video clip URL 60 minutes II episode intro on ballet in Harlem.

4:16Copy video clip URL Commercial advertisements. 

6:41Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Gitta Sereney. Author of the book Evil She Wrote. Claims to have an answer to why teens kill. She delves into the minds of the worst among us. Including the case of Mary Bell. Who murdered two young boys. She strangled a boy to death in attempt to cry for help from her abusive home.

9:45Copy video clip URL Sereney is the only person to have interviewed Mary Bell after she was freed.

13:26Copy video clip URL Sereney’s childhood in war helps her understand.

18:19Copy video clip URL Mary Bell did not understand or take accountability for her crimes until she was an adult.

Soldier of Misfortune

22:57Copy video clip URL Ralph Hesselback, disabled Vietnam veteran, interviewed.

27:33Copy video clip URL In 1996, Congress changed the immigration law to close loop holes and get rid of dangerous immigrants. However, it was also retroacted.

27:56Copy video clip URL Raphael Ramirez interviewed.

31:22Copy video clip URL Beau Cooper, INS spokesperson, interviewed.

Dance Theatre of Harlem

39:15Copy video clip URL In 1986, Director Arthur Mitchell and troupe go to Barcelona, Spain.

39:45Copy video clip URL Director Arthur Mitchell interviewed. Critics said blacks did not have the body or discipline to excel in ballet.

Understanding Suicide

58:07Copy video clip URL Excerpts from viewers read.

1:02:11Copy video clip URL End of tape.









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