60 Minutes II: Holy Grail

60 Minutes episode on STEM Cells from Umbilical Cords

0:00Copy video clip URL The video opens on the 60 minutes logo. Reporter talks about research on STEM cells from human embryos and its benefits.

0:35Copy video clip URL Carol Marin shares her report on STEM cells. Referred to as the Holy Grail of medicine. STEM cells from the umbilical cord. 

1:02Copy video clip URL A couple is shown giving birth and drawing the STEM cells. Marin and a doctor Yeager discuss potentials of STEM cells.

3:23Copy video clip URL Carol Marin introduces a young boy Keeon Penn who suffered from Sickle cell.

6:36Copy video clip URL Keeon’s severe case required an bone marrow transplant which needs an exact match. STEM cells from umbilical cords do not need an exact match.

12:15Copy video clip URL [End of Tape.]




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