60 Minutes II: Married to the Mob/Cicero”

A compilation of reports, Married to the Mob, The Savior and The Nasty Girl

0:55Copy video clip URL Introduction to the upcoming 60 minutes reports. 

Married to the Mob

5:37Copy video clip URL In the 1920s AL Capone and his mob moved from Chicago to Cicero.

6:09Copy video clip URL Cicero, Illinois is primarily a blue collar town.

6:59Copy video clip URL Cook Country state Attorney speaks.

7:28Copy video clip URL Bill Jahoda is interviewed.

9:30Copy video clip URL Betty Loren-Maltese, wife of mob leader is elected President of Cicero,  interviewed.

12:34Copy video clip URL Organized crime in Cicero. 

The Savior

22:07Copy video clip URL Savion Glover interviewed. He talks about his passion for tap dancing.

22:25Copy video clip URL Savion’s mentor is interviewed. He says that Savion is one of the greatest tap dancers to ever live. 

The Nasty Girl

39:15Copy video clip URL Anna Rasa interviewed. 

40:22Copy video clip URL She is known for asking “nasty” questions about the war. She found that the mayor was not the only genuine Nazi, in fact many other people were such as the Bishop. 

47:15Copy video clip URL The German government agreed to preserve Jewish memorials however later they ordered their removal.

54:45Copy video clip URL Comments on the Killing Zone report.

58:52Copy video clip URL End of tape.









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