60 Minutes II: Rage / Evan Ramsey Shooting

Carol Marin Reports on Evan Ramsey Bethel School Shooter

0:00Copy video clip URL A man introduces Reporter Carol Marin. 

0:25Copy video clip URL Evan Ramsey walked into school and murdered two people.

1:00Copy video clip URL Marin interviews an Art teacher and a fellow student. They recall Evan Ramsey in an uncontrollable rage.

3:15Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews Evan Ramsey. He shares his troubled childhood. His father was in prison when he was 7. Mother was an alcoholic. Two brothers were sent to foster homes. He himself suffered sexual abuse and humiliation within his foster home.

4:01Copy video clip URL Carol Marin then interviews Ramsey’s Psychiatrist. He mentions Ramsey’s suicide attempt at age 10.

4:28Copy video clip URL He was using marijuana in high school, had poor grades and played a violent video game called doom. An outlier, felt rejected. Students, teachers and friends didn’t understand what he felt.

6:32Copy video clip URL Carol Marin then interviews the prosecutor. Evan Ramsey is remorseful but he still planned and practiced to kill. He had help from two 14 year old boys. One trained him how to shoot, the other encouraged. He believed fame would follow.

9:00Copy video clip URL Carol Marin then interviews teacher, Renee. Who tried to stop Evan Ramsey three times.

9:50Copy video clip URL The family curse discussed with Don Ramsey. He accepts kicking off the domino of Evan Ramsey. 

13:08Copy video clip URL Accomplices to be released at 19. Evan Ramsey sentenced to 200 years and eligible for parole at 75 years old.

13:52Copy video clip URL [End of Tape].



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