60 Minutes: Studs Terkel segment

60 Minutes segment. Carol Marin interviews Studs Terkel about his new book "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?," which collected oral histories of people talking about death. "I have a faith, but it's a here and a now. I do envy those who have a faith, because if they believe that it gives them solace." He also talks about the death of his wife, Ida, and how it gave a sense of urgency to the writing of this book. When asked whether the idea of dying himself interested him as an opportunity to answer the ultimate question, Terkel responds, "Where would I get a tape recorder?" Also includes footage of Terkel out on the streets of Chicago.

00:15Copy video clip URL Brief introduction by Steve Kroft.

00:23Copy video clip URL Introduction by Carol Marin of her piece on Studs Terkel and his then-forthcoming book Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Reflections on Death, Rebirth, and Hunger for a Faith.

00:55Copy video clip URL Terkel, interviewed by Marin, insists that people do want to read about dying. Marin narrates the basic facts about Terkel over footage of him walking around in a library and through the streets of Chicago, riding the bus and talking to strangers. Marin recaps his career in television, radio and journalism. Terkel explains that he simply wants to capture everyday experience in his interviews.

03:10Copy video clip URL Over footage of Terkel editing audio tape in a studio, Marin names of the subjects interviewed for his book. Terkel talks about one of these, an undertaker who buried people who’d died of AIDS. Marin reads portions of Terkel’s interview with comedian Mick Betancourt.

04:23Copy video clip URL Terkel recounts some of the notions of the afterlife he found in his interviews, as well as the lingering spiritual sense his subjects displayed. He demurs on Marin’s questions about his own notions of life after death.

05:50Copy video clip URL Marin profiles one of Terkel’s subjects, a former drug addict who now counsels other addicts. He recounts a story she had told of a dying patient.

7:08Copy video clip URL Marin tells of Terkel’s wife’s recent death; he admits that this has been an influence on his upcoming work. His own recent health scares are reviewed. Asked if he looks forward to death, Terkel admits he might like to interview God. He announces his fondness for cigars and martinis, brushing off health concerns. Asked how he’d like to die, Terkel suggests he’d prefer to expire while working at the typewriter, but says that he hopes to finish two more books.

9:40Copy video clip URL Referencing a recent article of his, Marin tells Terkel that he’s the oldest person to contribute to Rolling Stone. He denies having any knowledge of Radiohead. He claims to be too old to be a proper hipster, but that the best to hope for as one ages is that “your hope may diminish but your curiosity remains.” Marin asks if, given his accomplishments, he’d like to retire. Terkel says no, insisting he’d prefer to keep busy.




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