[8/05/02 – 8/06/02 / Natalie/Jon/me]

Celeste Neuhaus's experimental student documentary, focusing on Al Kohn's life and the people that knew him.

00:00Copy video clip URL Celeste Neuhaus talks to Natalie and Jon about meeting Al Kohn. Jon says, “[Al] always has an interesting perspective, but he’s always thinking of past times.”

03:12Copy video clip URL They discuss taking care of Al and how the whole neighborhood pitched in.

05:48Copy video clip URL Celeste asks herself the questions she asks others about Al. She talks about first meeting him and wanting to learn from him and his life. “It just seems like he’d be able to teach me things…most of what I know about Al comes from people that know him,” she says. 

09:50Copy video clip URL Celeste talks about why she wanted to do the project and why she cares about Al at all.

15:51Copy video clip URL Audio cuts out briefly. Natalie and Celeste discuss Al and his affair with a woman named Sophia while driving to see him.

24:16Copy video clip URL Extremely shakey footage of the two walking to find Al. They are told he’s been admitted to the hospital, so they leave to find him. They discuss his family and relationship with women. 

38:00Copy video clip URL They finally find Al and play his old dancing music for him. He smiles. They talk about when he would go dancing and his dancing partners.

57:50Copy video clip URL Celeste goes to find a nurse to give Al a sleeping pill. She leaves the camera on him.

59:27Copy video clip URL Celeste sits on the bed and holds Al’s hands to dance with him. 



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