94.7 Kicks Country #1

A videographer for the television show Radio Faces visits the grand opening broadcast of the new station, 94.7 Kicks Country. Most of the tape consists of video of Nancy Turner, a woman who has been involved in Chicago Country Radio since 1977.

0:28Copy video clip URL Open on videographer using an elevator and then exiting to the offices of 94.7 Kicks Country. The videographer waits for a while in their reception area with the radio station playing in the background. Different people pass through.

6:36Copy video clip URL A man directs the videographer through their offices to the broadcasting room. He waits for a bit before entering and then introducing himself to the host, Nancy Turner. The videographer films her while the country music is playing in the background, later Turner talks to the viewers. She is apparently the first announcer on the new station 94.7 Kicks Country. Turner was also previously involved in Chicago Country music radio and is apparently just returning now. There is film of her answering the phones answering the phone calls up to the 94th caller who she talks to for a bit. There is a playback of the recording of the phone call of the 94th caller. Throughout the broadcast there seems to be a lot of scrambling to figure out equipment and how the people will work with each other. There are also several photos taken of Nancy with different people who supported the opening of the station.

51:35Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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