[Chicago Casino Plans 2003]

Reports on the hope of Mayor Daley to open up a land-based casino in Chicago near McCormick Place. Alderman Beavers also weighs in.

0:00Copy video clip URL Stacia Dubin reports on Mayor Daley pitching for a land-based casino in Chicago and state-wide legalized gambling.

0:26Copy video clip URL Chris Hernandez reports from City hall about the Mayor providing a big push for his casino. Alderman Beavers then talks about how he supports the casino and how it will help them to avoid raising taxes.

1:18Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of McCormick Place which is one of the proposed locations for said casino. There are a few on-site interviews of out-of-towners who weigh in on what they think about a Chicago casino. Most are in favor or indifferent. Shot returns to Alderman Beavers who talks about there being space in his ward for this kind of thing.

2:09Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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