A Conversation with Studs Terkel

Two ten minute interviews with Studs Terkel.

0:00Copy video clip URL Jill Dougherty does brief introduction to Studs Terkel.

0:45Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

0:54Copy video clip URL Dougherty questions Terkel on why his newest book is entitled “American Dreams: Lost and Found,” rather than referring to the singular “American Dream.” Terkel discusses what he feels is the more important component of the title, “lost and found.” He references the song “Amazing Grace” (“I once was lost but now am found”) and talks about the parts of American culture that are being lost. They talk about American values, economic mobility, and the vision of America portrayed in Horatio Alger stories. Terkel then talks about community activism.

11:06Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

11:16Copy video clip URL Dougherty does brief mid-show re-introduction.

11:40Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

11:46Copy video clip URL Terkel and Dougherty discuss the changes to come in the 1980s, and Terkel’s prediction that there will be a “quantum leap” from the attitudes of the ’70s. Terkel describes himself as a “radical conservative,” radical in the sense that he wants to get to the root of certain issues, and conservative in the sense that he wants to “conserve fresh air and human sanity.” He talks about the imperative to create more and better jobs for Americans, in order for all citizens to feel a sense of self-respect, thus eliminating most crime. “Our end will come if each of us becomes estranged from each other. … I believe in individualism, but to say ‘me number one’ means you gotta be above someone.”

21:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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