A Couple Minutes With Willie Little

A brief conversation with teacher Willie Little about Chicago public schools, followed by a 2-minute humorous travelogue of Hollywood.

01:09Copy video clip URL A close-up of a hand writing “Willie Little.” Little talks about the importance of basketball for kids, and how it gets them to engage more in school. The loss of teachers and the unfair policies of hiring exclusively on seniority. 

02:40Copy video clip URL Little wishes that there was some kind of union or organization to represent the interests and the perspectives of the students. The dwindling significance of a high school diploma for graduates looking for jobs. 

04:02Copy video clip URL A lack of space or time to help “normal” students – ie those who do not qualify for either advanced classes or for remedial classes. 

04:33Copy video clip URL Image freezes in the middle of discussion of racial strife.

04:59Copy video clip URL With class sizes growing, further missing the middle kids. Image cuts out, brief interlude of old Super 8 footage. End of Little footage. 

06:30Copy video clip URL Old Super-8 footage of Hollywood/Los Angeles with jokey narration claiming that random passersby filmed from behind on the sidewalk are famous actors and directors. 

09:45Copy video clip URL The previous sequence is repeated. 

12:24Copy video clip URL The sequence is repeated again. 

14:18Copy video clip URL End of content on video. 



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