A Gary Tape

An organizing workshop led by activist Staughton Lynd at Indiana University Northwest on 9-16-71 to discuss organizing around tax policy and investigating grocery pricing in Illinois and Indiana. A month earlier, President Richard Nixon had issued an executive order freezing wages for 90 days. In response, supermarkets were pressured to suspend price increases, although this group felt they were not adhering to this promise.

00:06Copy video clip URL Organizing meeting in Gary, Indiana with Staughton Lynd. Loud squealing noise, then footage drops out.

00:57Copy video clip URL Footage resumes, along with squealing noise. People in the meeting are discussing grocery prices and how to determine¬†if they’ve been raised in violation of the agreement.

04:00Copy video clip URL A woman lists all the dairy products whose prices have gone up.

04:30Copy video clip URL A man asks about the legality of different price levels, and the ability of wholesalers to discount prices.

05:53Copy video clip URL Tape cuts and Lynd is listing the individuals who have signed up to record prices at different grocery stores.

07:09Copy video clip URL Tape ends.




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