A Look At The Cubs, 1970

A program showcasing the Chicago Cubs' upcoming 1970 season. Cubs announcer Jack Brickhouse travels to the Cubs' spring training facility in Arizona to interview the team about their new season plans.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape begins with color bars and tone.

01:28Copy video clip URL Cut to an intro segment featuring a number of Chicago area newspaper headlines showcasing the Chicago Cubs’ 1969 whirlwind up and down season. The segment also features clips from some of the season’s most exciting plays.

04:00Copy video clip URL Fade to black screen.

04:28Copy video clip URL Cut to a clip of Cubs Outfielder Willie Smith hitting a game-winning home run at the beginning of the 1969-1970 season. The crowd goes wild as Smith hits a home run deep into right field to win the game and rounds the bases. His teammates greet him at home plate fired up from their victory. This clip fades into an interview with Cubs third baseman Ron Santo. Jack Brickhouse interviews Santo at the Cubs’ spring training facility in Arizona. Santo reminisces about Smith’s home run and the great start to the season. The two begin to talk about the flourishing first half of the season. The interview is followed by a number of clips from some of the most exciting moments of that first half. This lasts for several minutes.

08:28Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with first baseman Ernie Banks. Brickhouse asks Banks about his thoughts on the previous season. “Well, Jack, I think that we got involved in a tension situation. Each day that we played during the 156 games we were leading the league, we were constantly demanded during the time, and I think all of us got a little tensed up and that got us in September. We just got a little bit worn out and of course we lost a pennant.” Brickhouse cites the possibility of “pennant fever” in the ball club. The interview is followed by a number of clips from September 1969 in which the team began to fall apart. One of the clips showcases newly acquired Cubs Outfielder John Callison, who in the previous season knocked the Cubs out of first place with a base hit while he was on the Philadelphia Phillies.

10:45Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with Callison at spring training with the Cubs. He hopes he can “get a single to put us [Cubs] in first now.” Brickhouse and Callison talk about the upcoming season and playing with Cubs outfielder Billy Williams.

11:36Copy video clip URL Cut to a clip from “Billy Williams Day” at Wrigley Field. Williams played his 896th consecutive game, breaking the previous record held by baseball legend Stan Musial. Williams receives a standing ovation from the packed house at Wrigley. This clip provides as a transition into an interview with Williams on location at the spring training facility. Brickhouse asks Williams about his up and coming 1,000th consecutive game and about his fellow teammate, Jim Hickman, and his great season. Williams states that Hickman did a “tremendous job” for the team. A few of Hickman’s more memorable moments from the season roll before cutting to an interview with Hickman himself.

13:02Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with outfielder Jim Hickman. Brickhouse asks Hickman about the Cubs’ strong infield, specifically Glenn Beckert and Don Kessinger. Hickman gives the two a few compliments before Brickhouse moves on to speak with Beckert and Kessinger. The two talk about the need to develop good playing habits in the infield. They also talk about Ernie Banks and his skills as first baseman for the Cubs. They cut to a shot of Banks singing the Cubs fight song. Banks shuffles back and forth as he plows through his version of the song.

15:04Copy video clip URL Fade to black screen.

15:30Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview between Brickhouse and Cubs Manager Leo Durocher. The two discuss the possible problem spots on the team this season: center field and pitching. Durocher says that the bigger problem probably lies in center field, but says that he’s not too worried about it. Durocher gives a quick run down of the talent on the team this year. Brickhouse asks him about what went wrong the previous season. Durocher states that he and the team were disappointed that they didn’t make it to the World Series, but that they have all moved on and are ready to have another good season. He also states that the New York Mets also deserved to win the World Series because of how well they played.

18:16Copy video clip URL Brickhouse speaks with Randy Hundley about how he prepared for the oncoming season. Brickhouse asks him about his prediction for pitcher Fergie Jenkins’ season. Hundley states that he should win about 30 games. This cuts over into an interview with Jenkins talking about his preparation in spring training and the need to stay healthy throughout the season. Brickhouse asks Jenkins about the difference between his pitching style and that of Bill Hands. Jenkins talks about some of the differences and highlights some of Hands’ strong points. This cuts into an interview with Hands discussing his pitching style with Brickhouse. Brickhouse also asks Hands about pitcher Ken Holtzman’s no hitter against the Atlanta Braves the previous season. This is followed by a number of clips from that game. Brickhouse then talks to Holtzman about the no hitter. Holtzman is quick to compliment his teammates on their playing during that game. He then talks about his pitching philosophy of trying to pitch a no hitter every game. Brickhouse also asks Holtzman about the celebration once Ernie Banks hits his 500th home run. He states that all the players will probably share his excitement.

23:25Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with Ernie Banks. Brickhouse asks Banks when he believes he’ll hit his 500th home run. Banks responds, “Well I would say I’m looking forward to it on April 14th in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.” He then reminisces about his first home run hit in September of 1953 against Gerry Staley of the St. Louis Cardinals. Brickhouse also asks Banks for his prediction for the Cubs 1970 season. Banks replies, “Well the Cubs will go and glow in ’70.” A clip of President Nixon stating that he won’t be making promises he won’t keep is cut into the footage, and serves as a good laugh.

24:48Copy video clip URL Fade into footage shot around the spring training facility in Arizona. Fans stream into the ballpark to watch the Cubs as the program comes to a close.

25:26Copy video clip URL Fade to black screen.

25:44Copy video clip URL Fade into an interview with Ron Santo. Brickhouse asks Santo about his statement that he is going to be “mean” this year. He talks about the need for the team to be aggressive in order to win. The credits roll after the interview.

27:19Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



  1. Cub Fan says:

    Wonderful!!! Thanks for posting this. Brings back so many memories…

  2. I wrote a book about the 1970 Chicago Cubs called “The Forgotten 1970 Chicago Cubs: Go and Glow.” See https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/146714908X/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1

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