A Look At The Cubs, 1975

A TV show, including commercials, previewing the 1975 Chicago Cubs, and examining their chances of a winning season. Made up of interviews with players from the 1975 Cubs conducted at the Cubs' spring training camp in Scottsdale, AZ, and highlight footage from training camp and previous seasons.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:51Copy video clip URL Footage of the last pitch of the Cubs 1974 season. A Cubs batter strikes out.

01:29Copy video clip URL Cubs outfielder Jose Cardenal juggles a baseball to the music of Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”.

02:34Copy video clip URL Commercial for True Value Hardware Stores.

04:05Copy video clip URL Photo montage of past Cubs greats, and celebratory newspaper headlines to the music of Barbara Streisand’s “The Way We Were.” Photos include: Hack Wilson, Rogers Hornsby, Gabby Hartnett, Charley Root, Kiki Cuyler, Riggs Stephenson, Andy Pafko, Hank Borowy, Three Finger brown, Larry French, Bill Nicholson, Dizzy Dean, Phil Cavarretta, Billy Herman, and Charley Grimm.

06:39Copy video clip URL Commentary on the Cubs upcoming 1975 season and what they’ll need to do to prosper. This leads to a series of highlights of disastrous moments from the 1974 season: multiple errors, Hank Aaron’s 725th home run (hit off of the Cubs), and Lou Brock stealing the 700th base of his career (against the Cubs). Also the Cubs Manager, Jim Marshall, argues with an umpire. The argument escalates into a brawl between players.

10:50Copy video clip URL Interview with pitcher Darold Knowles who says knowing that the name of the game is ‘win’ helps instill confidence. He says the mustache fad started around 1972 with Reggie Jackson. In an attempt to get him to shave, the other players started growing a mustache. Soon a lot of players in baseball were growing a mustache. The fan-driven Mustache Day only helped fuel the trend.

12:16Copy video clip URL Interview with pitcher Bob Locker who talks about the potential of second baseman Manny Trillo.

12:40Copy video clip URL Interview with Trillo who says he’s feeling comfortable at second base.

13:08Copy video clip URL Game highlights from a previous season featuring third baseman Bill Madlock.

14:12Copy video clip URL Interview with Madlock who says he has confidence in himself as a hitter and a fielder after “losing it”.

14:33Copy video clip URL Game highlights featuring Don Kessinger.

15:14Copy video clip URL Interview with Kessinger who says he likes to share with young players what he’s learned in ten years as a professional ballplayer. “If you are a leader you just are, you don’t go out and try to lead.”

15:46Copy video clip URL Commercial for True Value Hardware Stores.

16:44Copy video clip URL Footage of Andre Thornton hitting a home run at Wrigley Field.

16:56Copy video clip URL Interview with Thornton who contemplates his potential as a hitter in the coming season. He advises not to go into a game thinking about hitting the long ball, but just step up to the plate prepared to make contact.

17:33Copy video clip URL Game highlights featuring outfielders Rick Monday, Jerry Morales, and Jose Cardenal.

18:47Copy video clip URL Interview with Monday who says it’s an advantage to play 81 games at Wrigley Field. It’s an exciting ball park because of the close proximity of the fans. At home, he notes, players can spend time with their families. He adds that he has a two-year-old boy and a two-month-old girl.

19:27Copy video clip URL Interview with Morales who feels the Cubs have some of the best outfielders in the league. They have a lot of spirit. On the subject of being switched from left field to right, Morales says it doesn’t matter to him as long as he plays.

20:03Copy video clip URL Interview with Cardenal who also feels the Cubs have the best outfielders in the league. The interviewer mentions that Rick Monday must be learning a lot of Spanish in center field, being between Morales and Cardenal. Cardenal confirms he is and adds jokingly that Monday is also learning how to play center field.

20:45Copy video clip URL A funny set up in which Morales and Cardenal speak Spanish to Monday, who can’t understand them.

21:17Copy video clip URL Highlights of a broken play saved by catcher Steve Swisher. Highlights of Swisher hitting a grand slam home run with Jack Brickhouse announcing. “Hey! Hey! A home run for Swisher.”

22:05Copy video clip URL Interview with Swisher who notes that the most important lesson he learned as a rookie the previous year was discovering confidence in himself.

22:33Copy video clip URL Interview with Manager Jim Marshall who says Swisher called most of the pitches during the latter part of last season. Marshall recalls comments he made at a recent luncheon in which he hoped the fans realized that the team’s newest players were merely young men trying to make a name for themselves and not players out to replace Cubs players of the past. Marshall notes that hiring Marv Grissom as pitching coach has helped build confidence in the pitching staff. He brings years of experience. Marshall gives a run down of starting pitchers and the relievers.

24:21Copy video clip URL Interview with pitcher Rick Reuschel who predicts the pitching staff will improve this year, including his own performance.

24:49Copy video clip URL Interview with Bill Bonham who says the talent is there, but they haven’t played to their potential yet.

25:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Burt Hooton who notes he has lost about twenty pounds since last season. He says this was his first experience with winter ball and it was a good one.

25:29Copy video clip URL Interview with Steve Stone who is certain the team will improve and that he hopes to be in the top of the standings in their division.

25:46Copy video clip URL Interview with Cardenal who says in Spanish that last season “they” were invited to play against the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 8th. This year he predicts, with the support of fans, the team will have a commendable season.

26:03Copy video clip URL Ernie Banks gives the motto for 1975: “The Cubs will arrive in ’75! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”

26:14Copy video clip URL Commercial for True Value Hardware Stores.

27:43Copy video clip URL Black.

27:54Copy video clip URL End titles.

28:54Copy video clip URL End tape.



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