A Movement Within

This is a master tape for Barbara Sykes' work "A Movement Within" (1976) made with the Sandin Image Processor.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with black.

00:04Copy video clip URL A swirling, three-pointed pattern rapidly changes shape and dimension alongside a binary threshold video of a person improvising movement in relation to the shape. The saturation  and contrast of the video gradually changes.

03:15Copy video clip URL The color palette changes and two overlaid videos of arms reaching through the three pointed pattern appear. Figures are seen walking through the background. 

04:08Copy video clip URL Abrupt cut to live image processing performance and momentary audio track.

04:12Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

04:24Copy video clip URL Overlaid footage of figures dancing and arms waving put through image processing. Colors flow through the image in a gradient pattern. A synthesizer track is heard. The color palette and frequency of the gradient pattern changes rapidly as the scene progresses. 

12:43Copy video clip URL The synthesizer track fades out. 

13:41Copy video clip URL Rapid cut to new figures interacting with the image processing. Ambient noise and sound effects are heard.

15:19Copy video clip URL Break in the image with abrupt cut out of audio track. 

16:49Copy video clip URL Break in the image with abrupt cut to new audio track. 

18:54Copy video clip URL Cut to static.

19:10Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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