A Vision Comes to Life: Chicago’s 57th Street Art Fair, The First Fifty Years 1948-1997

See a documentary with classic artists of the "57th Street Art Fair", hosted by Studs Terkel!

0:05Copy video clip URL The footage begins. 

0:08Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel is introduced. 

2:13Copy video clip URL Classic posters for the “57th Street Art Fair” are shown. 

2:20Copy video clip URL A title card that reads “A Vision Comes to Life”, appears onscreen. 

2:52Copy video clip URL Mary Louise Romer is introduced. 

3:38Copy video clip URL Morris Barazani is introduced. 

5:22Copy video clip URL Sylvester Britton is introduced. 

6:38Copy video clip URL Vi Fogle Urtez is introduced. 

11:53Copy video clip URL Sonia Katz is introduced. 

12:35Copy video clip URL Richard Hunt is introduced. 

13:17Copy video clip URL Aaron Macsai is introduced. 

20:56Copy video clip URL Gail Barazani is introduced. 

29:46Copy video clip URL A title card that reads, “This Program is Dedicated to: John and Mary Louise Romer”, appears onscreen. 

29:57Copy video clip URL Terkel leads a “roundtable” style discussion. 

34:22Copy video clip URL Alderwoman Barbara Holt is introduced. 

43:24Copy video clip URL The program ends. 



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