AC/DC Part II Master Edit

This tape features segments shot for a 1974 video version of "AC/DC," a play by Heathcote Williams satirizing the mental heath industry.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static and a black screen.

00:42Copy video clip URL A character named Perowne silently screams and contorts his body ghoulishly in front of the camera.

03:41Copy video clip URL A character named Maurice leaves his apartment and begins to walk down an alley, looking for leftover liquor bottles.

04:39Copy video clip URL Perowne and Mrs. Grayson have a confrontation about the fact that Maurice killed (or partially killed–maybe put him in a vegetative state?) her husband (the newscaster) for inflicting psychic damage on the public and asserting mental control through television. “Your husband is altering the shape of my face!” This lasts for several minutes.

09:04Copy video clip URL Perowne rants about his delusions to Sadie.

11:05Copy video clip URL Maurice wanders down an alley looking for liquor bottles. Tuffnell suddenly appears in a window of an abandoned building and whispers excitedly, “The fucking trees are talking to me! I’m in touch with the vegetative state!”

12:02Copy video clip URL Cut back to the same footage of Perowne expressing the a state of pure terror.

14:38Copy video clip URL Maurice goes back to his apartment.

14:57Copy video clip URL Maurice shares a drink with Jim and Juan on a stoop.

16:09Copy video clip URL Maurice, Jim, Juan, and Tuffnel roughhouse in the alley.

17:07Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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