[Aiham Alsammarae returns to U.S.]

Brief news clip summarizing Aiham Alsammarae's conviction and time in an Iraqi prision, his escape, and his thoughts on the unrest in Iraq.

0:07Copy video clip URL Footage of Aiham Alsammarae pushing his luggage through O’Hare Airport. Voice over from Elizabeth Brackett explains the events leading up to Alsammarae’s return home.

0:36Copy video clip URL Footage of Alsammarae at home with his wife. He shares his fear of being killed in an Iraqi prison, and his happiness in being home once again.

1:11Copy video clip URL Voice over from Brackett gives a bit more background on Alsammarae’s life and career leading up to his conviction. Footage of him in a meeting. Cuts to interview with Alsammarae from 2002 talking about the need to overthrow Saddam Hussein, followed by footage of Alsammarae as Minister of Electricity in Iraq with further explanation from Brackett.

2:27Copy video clip URL Alsammarae explains why he believes his conviction was politically motivated. He was in America when charged, but returned to Iraq to defend himself.

3:12Copy video clip URL He talks more about his time in jail, and his guard’s threat to take him outside the Green Zone though his conviction was overturned. He then goes into how he was able to escape.

4:48Copy video clip URL Brackett explains how surprised the Iraqi government was at Alsammarae’s relatively simple escape, and talks about their stated intent to bring Alsammarae back to face five more charges. Alsammarae says these charges are false.

5:20Copy video clip URL Alsammarae asserts that a political solution is needed to quell the unrest in Iraq.

5:57Copy video clip URL He explains why he will someday return to Iraq.

6:15Copy video clip URL Footage of Alsammarae’s family speaking with Brackett. Cut to Alsammarae laying out why he decided to clear his name by returning to Iraq.

7:02Copy video clip URL Brackett voice over closes out the clip.



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