AJ #1 at Carver Jones

Film of A.J. Parker, a radio personality on 106.3, at the 1995 Carver Middle School Graduation and Commencement. This was filmed for the TV show Radio Faces.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on a building in Chicago with a radio tower next to it. This is the WLNR building. There are several shots of the exterior.

2:02Copy video clip URL Switch to exterior shots of G.W. Carver Area High School. This is graduation day for the middle school and this is being filmed because a radio personality, A.J. Parker, is the keynote speaker and the videographer chats with the principal of the Carver middle school.

4:38Copy video clip URL Cut to interior shot of the graduation ceremony.

8:37Copy video clip URL The videographer talks with A.J. Parker before the ceremony begins.

12:50Copy video clip URL The ceremony begins.

35:24Copy video clip URL A.J. Parker approaches the podium and then delivers her speech.

47:23Copy video clip URL Parker leaves the podium and the ceremony continues.

55:01Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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