[Al Kohn Hospital 5/30/02]

Celeste Neuhaus's experimental student documentary, focusing on Al Kohn and his time in the hospital.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of Al Kohn sitting in a wheelchair while speaking to videographer Celeste Neuhaus.

02:01Copy video clip URL Al walks with the help of a nurse and a walker.

05:27Copy video clip URL Al lies down on the bed with the nurse’s help to do exercises with his feet. Celeste talks to him about the film, he doesn’t remember talking to her about it with him before. They talk about who visits him. He says “Somebody thinks of me,” to which Celeste replies “A lot of people do, Al.”

09:45Copy video clip URL Al says he’s “disgusted with everything.” He talks to Celeste about ending up in the hospital and how disappointed he is with his health. He says he wants to get out and “feel what life is about.” He talks about how he never expected to get sick.

12:05Copy video clip URL Celeste and Al talk about his pain with a medical professional. 

17:33Copy video clip URL Al talks about his brother Ben Kohn, moving to a retirement home, dying, his friends, and his family.

34:00Copy video clip URL Footage of Al’s room. Celeste sits on his bed and talks to him about the shop and her family.

44:37Copy video clip URL Al is wrapped up in a blanket in his wheelchair, Celeste records him before leaving the hospital.



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